USBC - USB Floppy Drive Emulator CASED

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  It is very smart device, that allows You to emulate any 34 pins floppy standart devices. For example You may replace wit HxC Your amiga`s, PC or 16 bit ATARI`s floppy drive. It gives You possibility to get rid off old floppy disks, that are not reliable media nowadays. HxC acts as interface between modern PC computer equipped with free USB port and any other device (listed below) that uses floppy disk as storage device.



Additional info :

- USB Emulator need PC with free USB port to act as file feeder


How does it work ??

The idea is very simple ! Step by step:

  1. Connect HCX floppy emulator to Your floppy connector (34pins) in Your Amiga/Atari ST/ ZX+3/CPC/PC with ribbon
  2. Connect HXC with USBA-B cable (not included)  to Your PC
  3. Run supplied software
  4. Load any floppy image file ( for AMIGA adf or adz file - list below)
  5. Power on You retro computer and ENJOY !
  6. You may want to swap disks ! Do it whilst device is working ! No problems wit that !



  1. PC with free USB port
  2. Windows operating system
  3. Amiga/Atari ST/ ZX+3/CPC/PC ...

Emulated devices: Full list always available here



Associated files : 

  1. File Server Software
  2. FTDI Drivers
  3. Schematic & PCBs of the USB HxC Floppy Emulator
  4. HxCFloppyEmulator software release notes 
  5. CPLD VHDL source code and bitstream





















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