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Sio2pc USB is my newest device fo every atari 8bit. It connects ATARI SIO port with PC/MAC computer equipped with USB PORT. All electronic elements are hidden inside SIO PLUG  (SIO PLUG - my  own production)





  • PC with free USB port (Works on other platforms like MAC/LINUX)
  • ATARI 8bit (any) with free SIO PORT






Short manual:


  • download ASPEQT from
  • install
  • connect SIO2PC to PC; Windows shall install drivers automatically
  • Make sure new installed COM PORT number is from 1 to 4.  (  CLICK HERE for short manual)
  • Start ASPEQT --> TOOLS --> OPTIONS: select proper COM number and DSR MODE --> SAVE
  • Press button START SIO PERIPHERAL EMULATION in ASPEQT window ( blue plugs icon bottom right)
  • Power ON ATARI with Sio2PC-USB connected and ATR/XEX file loaded in SLOT 1



 ps. for all ULTIMATES USERS: You can easily reach highest speed possible selecting HIASS`s patched OS ( POKEY divisor=0)











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