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Ami2PC Amiga USB transfer tool

Ami2PC Amiga USB transfer tool

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Ami2pc hxc usb variation 

  • the easieast way to transfer adf/dms to real floppies
  • play games directly from pc



  • PC/MAC with free usb port
  • real disk drive and floppy disks


Inside BOX:

  • device inside transparent blue case professionally cnc`ed
  • amiga floppy adapter 
  • flat cable 14pin 20cm long



  • USB cable not included
  • device is read only 



How to copy Your first floppy disk:

  • power off AMIGA
  • connect Ami2pc to external floppy disk drive connector (cannot be done wrong)
  • Download SOFTWARE
  • connect usb to PC/MAC  (never disconnect/connect AMIGA when AMI2PC is connected to MAC/PC)
  • Software shall detect device  (settings -> USB HXC  or ALT+S)


  • download X-XOPY professional (my favourite) 
  • drag and drop just downloaded x-xopy.adf file on HSC USB soft window
  • START AMIGA with left and right mouse buttons pressed to enter boot menu; select df1: to boot


  • X-COPY will load
  • and now ;-) You can freely copy any any amiga floppy disk image file from DF1: (ami2pc) to real drive DF0:




Prototype version -  done ;-)




STATE of the ART - will not boot from DF1... but what happens if we use MTRON signal instead of drive select ?




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