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IDE LeyLines

IDE LeyLines

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IDE LeyLines by BORIS / furia creator
dual buffered ide port expander for a600/1200

  • IDE LeyLines is a 31-Way HCMOS Buffers CF Adapter
  • 2x CompactFlash Cards or SD-Card (SD to CF Adapter)**
  • removable secondary CF adapter with the possibility of connecting another ATA device to the 2.5" connector.
  • the possibility of connecting 4 devices, IDE/ATA - CompactFlash, SD Cards, Microdrive, Harddisk. 3.5" CDROM connector, ZIP drive (requires Software IDE-Fix'97)
  • separate buffering for the IDE/ATA CF connector, especially for the 2.5" connector and especially for the 3.5" CDROM connector, shared data bus.
  • Harddisk sound emulation, option to turn it off
  • one connector for FAN 5v


1. For the correct functionality of two CompactFlash Cards (SD to CF Adapter), it is necessary that the CF Card set as MASTER is slower than the one that is SLAVE. Otherwise, it will not be visible in the system, or the partition on one of the CF cards may be damaged! Since CompactFlash is not a 100% True IDE device, some CF cards may not work together. It's not a IDE LeyLines problem, but the very compatibility of CF Cards with each other.

2. Recommended Software for CDROM, ZIP ATAPI

3. CF cards seen at pictures are for demontration only



  • ley lines main pcb
  • ley lines adapter pcb




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