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Mist SCART cable

Mist SCART cable

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   The MIST can be connected to a SCART TV  (NOTE: FULL SCART  - it means it must accept RGB SIGNAL).  This must be supported by the running core and the core must generate a TV-compliant RGB signal with the appropriate composite sync in order to allow the TV to correctly pick up the signal. The video signal must be a 15kHz/50Hz PAL signal.



  • Mist SCART cable - ~1.5 m long



  • I do  produce/sale dedicated mist scart cable.
  • Do not please ask me questions wheter it works with other systems.
  • I will not respond and will ignore this mail.
  • questions about mister compatybility means ONE THING FOR ME - You didnt even read above.

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Core support

The generation of a SCART TV (15khz) compliant signal is typically enabled by the following line in the MIST.INI (see the INI file documentation):


The scandoubler is the component inside the Core that converts the standard TV signal the original machines generated into a VGA compliant signal. Disabling this component makes cores supporting this to output a signal similar to the one delivered by the original machine.

Supported cores

Cores know to support this option are:

  • Atari ST
  • Amiga AGA
  • C64
  • ZX Spectrum
  • VIC-20
  • ... and others ...


Some cores come with their own method of enabling 15khz/TV support. This is e.g. true for the PC-Engine and MSX cores which allow to enable TV mode via an OSD option (so you need to connect a VGA screen first to be able to use the OSD and change mode). Or simply by using a certain core version as the Atari XL and Atari 5200 cores do.