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DivIDE Revised

DivIDE Revised

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       DivIDE R is a COMPACT FLASH interface which takes your ZX Spectrum computing to a whole new level. As the time takes its toll on ageing media such as audio tapes or diskettes, many ZX Spectrum enthusiasts simply stick to emulation for better reliability and comfort. With divIDE you can put your software collection to a CompactFlash card and experience your favourite games, demos and utilities the way the were meant to be run - and even better. (Velesoft)


Divide R  is step forward comparing to  2k14:

  • powerfull CPLD 
  • 4 layers pcb
  • ROHS compliant
  • LCD showing present config
  • bulit in  joystick port working in 5 modes:
    • Protek (AGF/Cursor keys)
    • SINCLAIR 1
    • SINCLAIR 2
  • firmware flashable slots ( FatWare, Esxdos, Demfir, Diagnorom)  selectable with dip switch
  • SMD elements - low power consumption
  • HIROSE heavy duty compact flash slot


Before computers starts  / power on/  you can select joystick port  mode 

  • KEMPSTON MODE  - deafult - no action required
    • "F" at lcd
  • SINCLAIR2 MODE  -  to switch joystick port to SINCLAIR1 mode, move joystick and hold LEFT, then turn on computer
    • "1" at lcd
  • SINCLAIR2 MODE   - to switch joystick port to SINCLAIR2 mode, move joystick and hold RIGHT, then turn on computer
    • "2" at lcd
  • PROTEK MODE  - to switch joystick port to PROTEK/AGF/CURSOR  mode, move joystick and hold DOWN, then turn on computer
    • "P" at lcd
  • QOPA  - to switch joystick port to QOPA  mode, move joystick and hold UP, then turn on computer
    • "E" at lcd  
    • Q-up, A-down,O-left,P-right, M - fire
  • 8 at lcd - totally messed up modes. Please, restart




all joystick funcionality was tested on orginal zx spectrums by Sinclair/Amstrad. CLONES are not guarneteed to work.






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Q. How to prepare a CF CARD ?

A. There must be one ACTIVE partition on your CF card! This is very important!!! If I may suggest something, the best way to do this is to use WINDOWS XP instalalation CDROM and Bill`s FDISK.


  1. In your PC BIOS, disable all hard drives - VERY IMPORTANT!

  2. Plug USB CF CARD Reader to your computer

  3. Boot your PC from Windows XP installation CD.

  4. Few seconds later you will have the posibility to erase all present partitons on the CF card - Do it! Remember - this operation will completly destroy any data on your card.

  5. Make a new partition

  6. Exit the installer!

  7. In BIOS enable all your hard drives and start WINDOWS

  8. Format your CF Card/Divide hard disk using FAT16

  9. Put whatever you want on the newly formatted card. Divide handles: *.sna, *.z80 and *.tap files.



Q. Not all games work - is anything wrong with Divide?

ANo, but there are a couple of things worth remembering when you use it.

 There are a lot of badly or incorrectly ripped Spectrum games floating around the Internet. If you try a game and it doesn't work, don’t assume it’s the fault of your hardware, it could simply be a faulty file. If it works on your emulator, it won't necessarily work on the DivIDE. Small number of games need a simple compatibility fix. Jetpack, for instance, will not run properly until you execute this command before typing the usual LOAD “”. If you have a game that seems to load but then crashes, try the following.

  1. Press “Extend Mode”.
  2. Press “Symbol Shift” and “O” (to get the word OUT).
  3. Type “32765,48 then press Enter (so the full command is “OUT 32765,48″, without the quotation marks, of course).
  4. The Spectrum should say “OK” and a few other numbers, now try loading your game.



Fatware controls:

  • NMI - enter disk browser
  • UP/DOWN - move cursor
  • ENTER - select item
  • BREAK - cancel/exit window
  • R + NMI - reset


Browser-specific controls:

  • EDIT - change volume
  • SHIFT + ENTER - select TAP and reset (in browser)
  • SHIFT + R - reset (in browser)




DIP SWICTHES settings: