Please, check our SMD/THT services -; from idea to ready devices                                                                                                                                   

Please, check our SMD/THT services -; from idea to ready devices                                                                                                                                   


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SRAM 64Kb v3

SRAM 64Kb  v3

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SRAM MODULE is my first step to help ATARI owners to repair their computers home, as in most of the cases  faulty is dynamic ram

  • replaces base ram of 64KB in all 8bit ATARI
  • replaces broken DELAY LINE chip in XL computers and many more ICs - refer to schematics down the page
  • upgrades ram in 600XL to 64KB
  • PCB thickness is 0,8mm
  • Ultimate 1MB connector
  • VBXE IRQ connector
  • CRUCIAL for RAPIDUS installation major cases :-) (2022-02-10)


Inside BOX:




  • If you:
    • are not familiar with soldering
    • do not have proper tools
    • do not understand STEP BY STEP instructions 

          please LET a pro technician do it for you or send me your ATARI BOARD for installation. Upgrade installation cost            is 5 € only. Contact me to arrange installation.

  • Please remeber - wrong tools usage or low skills may damage atari 
  • Any damage / harm to your hardware is NOT subject of any kind of warranty.
  • Installation is very easy, but unexperienced hands can do a lot of damage. Please, do not ask me questions WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG WITH INSTALLATION - answer will be always the same -





Step by step: 

  • REMOVE old RAM CHIPS ( hint: not necessary actaully; if Your ram do not get hot, You can remove resistors on data lines to ram and keep ram chips intact) 
  • install  SRAM MODULE under MAIN CPU; insert CPU to SRAM MODULE
  • Please, refer first to VBXE fitting manual to locate following signals at Your motherboard:
    • EXTSEL (EXT solder point at SRAM module)
    • CasInh (CI solder point at SRAM module)
  • Make at least ONE CONNECTION between CI point  at sram module  to  CAS_INHIBIT SIGNAL at ATARI board
  • EXT /Extension Select - EXTSEL signal/  is not needed to resurect atari, but some upgrades may needed it, especially all PBIs:  Rapidus, VBXE with RAM cores, etc....
  • PIN 1 is below EXT hole; bottom left at below picture.



ps. handy article if You do not know how to identify pin 1 in chips. PIN 1 always goes to Pin 1 




SRAM MODULE COMPLETLY REPLACES below parts that can be actually eminated now. 


  • 800XL


  • XE ( and majority of freddy chip, than can be now  replaced even with clk_divider built upon TTL 74)


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