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SIDE2 cartridge

SIDE2 cartridge

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The SIDE2 interface provides hard disk functionality and much more for 8-bit Atari computers, all packaged in a compact cartridge design. The device features:

  • On-board SpartaDOS X
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Compact Flash card slot
  • Switchable loader and SDX modes
  • Programmable "SIDE button"
  • 256KB external flash application cartridge space

Using the special SIDE build of SpartaDOS X (files section), one can enjoy many of the benefits of a hard disk interface on the Atari by simply plugging in the cartridge and turning on the machine. The SIDE driver for SDX is loaded directly from SDX's "CAR" (Cartridge) device at boot-up, and all the necessary software tools are right there on the cartridge. SIDE files on the CAR device include:

  • SIDE.SYS (driver)
  • FDISK.COM (disk partitioning tool)
  • HDDINFO.COM (hard disk information report utility)
  • PARTINFO.COM (partition information utility)
  • MOUNT.COM (dynamic partition mounting tool)

The SIDE driver for SpartaDOS X uses the APT (Atari Partition Table) scheme, devised by Konrad Kokoszkiewicz. This ensures storage media can be easily shared with other compliant interfaces (currently MyIDE for SDX, Incognito, Ultimate 1MB PBI, and the IDE Plus 2.0 APT Beta BIOS).



  • for full functionality and *.atr loading, please check "Related products" tab and consider ULTIMATE UPGRADE











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Q: I saw a battery on the pictures, what is it for? 

A: SIDE has a battery backed up RTC, so your ATARI will get current time and date on every restart instead of the year 10 BC.

Q: Does SIDE load ATR files ?

A: Yes, but only with ULTIMATE upgrade installed inside ATARI.

Q: I get Error138 when i run fdisk to format a CF CARD.

A: Yes, it happens when ATARI has less then 128KB of ram

Q: I received my side2 cart and installed it into an NTSC 800XL with the 1MB upgrade. However the cart seems to be unable to read the CF card about 70% of the time - says no partitions. Pressing reset a few times will bring it back but it looks like a timing issue? Is this because i am using an NTSC machine? Any patches etc to fix this? I am using the CF card that came with the machine

A: One of possible causes may be timing side/cpu/o2 signal. Solution: replace 74ls08 on atari board for F08 preferably. Before replacing follow simple test: use ultimate loader; it will work without issue.

Q:Where can i download the most recent firmware and tools for SIDE ?

A: Always here: