Please, check our SMD/THT services -; from idea to ready devices                                                                                                                                   

Please, check our SMD/THT services -; from idea to ready devices                                                                                                                                   


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       DivIDE 2k20 is a COMPACT FLASH interface which takes your ZX Spectrum computing to a whole new level. As the time takes its toll on ageing media such as audio tapes or diskettes, many ZX Spectrum enthusiasts simply stick to emulation for better reliability and comfort. With divIDE you can put your software collection to a CompactFlash card and experience your favourite games, demos and utilities the way the were meant to be run - and even better. (Velesoft)


Divide 2k20 is step forward comparing to  2k14 revision (available HERE) :

  • powerfull CPLD 
  • 4 layers pcb
  • ROHS compliant
  • bulit in 2  joystick ports working in 4 modes:
    • JOY 1 - KEMPSTON/Sincair 2 ( keys 6,7,8,9,0) / Protek (AGF/Cursor keys)
    • JOY 2  - Sinclair 1 (keys 1,2,3,4,5) 
  • firmware flashable slots ( FatWare, Esxdos, Demfir, Diagnorom)  selectable with dip switch
  • SMD elements - low power consumption
  • 2 joystick ports 
  • AY sound generator with ABC/ACB selector -
  • Beeper sound on both channels - NEW - MOVIE 
  • 2 pcbs piggyback`ed (main divide and joystick adapter) 
  • stereo jack sound output 
  • 2 joysticks ports top addon\
  • RAPID FIRE add-on pcb - hardware autofire with adjustable frequency



Before computers starts  / power on/  you can select joystick port  mode (ONLY FOR JOY port1):

  • KEMPSTON MODE  MODE 0 - deafult - no action required
    • LED1 indicates joystick action in port 1
    • LED2 indicates josytick action in port 2


  • SINCLAIR2 MODE  MODE 1- to switch joystick port to SINCLAIR2 mode, move joystick and hold UP/DOWN, then turn on computer
    • LED1 ON
    • LED2 indicates joystick action in port 1 and 2



  • PROTEK MODE  MODE 2 - tto switch joystick port to PROTEK/AGF/CURSOR  mode, move joystick and hold LEFT/RIGHT, then turn on computer
    • LED1 indicates joystick action in port 1 and 2
    • LED2 ON




Joy port2 is always mapped to SINCLAIR 1 inteface, know from Zx128+2 (1,2,3,4,5 for left, right, up, down and fire)







  • turn off computer 
  • adjust DIP SWITCHES for Your speccy (AMSTRAD or SINCLAIR --refer tpo FAQ) 
  • make sure index pole at edge connector is present
  • insert device into edge connector of Speccy
  • insert prepared CF CARD
  • connect Your speakers to stereo output jack
  • turn on SPECCY
  • if all went OK (Your Z80 cpu is ok and cf card properly prepared) You will see fatware logo (default system)



Loading first game with FATWARE (SNA,Z80):

  • Press NMI BUTTON 
  • Selects Z80 or SNA file
  • press ENTER


Loading first game with FATWARE  (TAP file):

  • Press NMI BUTTON 
  • Selects TAP file
  • press ENTER ( or SHIFT+ENTER)
  • type LOAD"" and press ENTER

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