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Please, check our SMD/THT services -; from idea to ready devices                                                                                                                                   


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DUCKBILL - ultrasatan flasher

DUCKBILL - ultrasatan flasher

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Simple flasher for ultrasatan.



  • windows with direct access to hardware LPT port  ( tested on windows XP in DOS console)
  • bi-directional LPT port in computer ( enabled in BIOS)



  • device inside LPT dsub case
  • 20cm flat cable with female plugs



  • refer to FILES section above and download desired version of software
  • Connect DUCKBILL to LPT PORT
  • Connect USATAN to  programmer / PIN 1 at pcb to PIN ONE of flat cable/
  • power on USATAN
  • RUN SOFTWARE / FLASH (software by JOOKIE/SK), load *.ldr file and WRITE
  • Diconnect programmer flat cable; 2 leds shall flash. Congratulations!  firmware flashed.







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Warning: below "CONDOLE" versions works only at WINDOWS XP DOS console. Not pure dos. for example 6.22.  Artik-Wroc - thanks for the hint :-)


For ultrasatan bought before 10.02.2024 (ATMEL FLASH)


For ultrasatan bought after 10.02.2024 (ADESTO FLASH)