Please, check our SMD/THT services -; from idea to ready devices                                                                                                                                   

Please, check our SMD/THT services -; from idea to ready devices                                                                                                                                   


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           Dear Visitor, Welcome to my online shop. My name is Przemyslaw Krawczyk, but commonly I`m known to people of Polish Atari Scene  ( and maybe not only...but who knows?) as "lotharek". I`m very happy you got here.

           My mission is to deliver high quality devices in good prices. Devices, that follow modern environment standards (ROHS, Weee, Gios) and satisfy customer needs. Worth mentioning - all products   are tested and checked personally by me before postage. Really - ALL :-)

        In past I have used EBAY.CO.UK ( look at my feedback left by customers)  to sell my stuff. Why UK, You may ask.  Answer is simple, I have spent there few years of my live, improving my language skills and acquiring some western approach to life ;-)

      Time has passed,  upgrades have been developed and improved... Since 2008 I cooperate with Jeff - creator of SD and USB Floppy emulators, also new cooperation with Candle`o`Sin have been recently introduced, that hopefully will bring to life some new ideas for retro gaming enthusasts like me and you


    If you have interesting idea/project, do not hesitate to contact me. I may be able to commercialize your project worldwide.


     Also, worth mentioning is fact, that part of my income goes to those, who need it most. Thanks to your purchase I can keep on helping kids from Special Needs School in Piekary Slaskie. In addition, I`m one of the supporters of KID`S DAY in my JUDO CLUB, where big party is organised and money collected for kids. Last, but not least, I support almost every retro party I visit and Judo Club CZARNI BYTON as this sport - next to retro gaming -  is my passion.





Once again – Thank You for Your purchase and Your support.

 Please, remember - supporting me, You support all my charity activity we both shall be proud of. 






Hydra new firmware17.02.2018 3:06

Hydra firmware has been upgraded and is availabe for download.

List of changes:

  • twice much faster scanning 
  • 1000ms HOLD_ON_SCART for systems that loose output sync (NES?)
  • full support of 2 units of HYDRA HEADS


More details at HYDRA SUBBPAGE -> Audio/VIDEO device -> HYDRA

Hydra Heads available07.02.2018 20:14

After long time and development, final version of HYDRA HEADS is available. 

For more details, visit FAQ at HYDRA`S PAGE. 




1050-2-PC/Sio2PC-USB29.01.2018 20:00

I`m proud to announce, that 1050-2-PC/Sio2PC-USB  hardware is ready. Soon, more official KAFAR software will be shown.  

Please, check related video: how to read orginal floppy disks from atari disk drive directly to pc


New online service27.01.2018 16:16

New  online service has been launched today at 4pm. I hope You will find it more friendly and intuitive. Please, be aware that we are still working on php code and development , so glitches may happen.